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Industrial Machinery New Design / Retrofit / Repair Drawings

Industrial Machinery - Paper Feeder
Completed Projects (partial list)

Industries Served
- Automotive
- Packaging
- Production
- Fabrication
- Manufacturing
- Mining
- Plants
- Construction


Completed projects sizes
from 1 to 20,000 parts:

Industrial Machinery approx sizes
40-300 parts in the project

Production Lines approx sizes
300-2000 parts in the project

Factory/Plant Layouts approx sizes 2000-20,000 parts in the project
Automation Machinery
Industrial Automation


Industrial Machinery 

Floor Pick-up Unwind 

Drafting and Design Services

Industrial Machinery CAD Design / Retrofit / Repair

Proper CAD Drawings Reduce Cost and Time of the Project

Industrial Machinery CAD Design Drafting

Toronto - Mississauga - Brampton - Oakville - Burlington - Hamilton - GTA - Ontario - Canada
On-Site & On-Line Services


Product / Project Verification

Product Project Drawings Verification Service

Verification / Proving Services
$1 spent on elimination of errors during planning, development stages results in $100 saved
during the production or construction.
  IdelTech will verify any project by converting all the information
to Large 3D Layout and comparing for discrepancies.

Main Areas of Experience
(Industial / Construction)

Industrial Design
Industrial Mechanical
Custom Machinery
Mechanical Components
Rotary - Linear Mechanics
Pneumatics - Hydraulics
Sheet Metal
Metal Fabrication
Structural - Weldment

Mechanical Services

Project Management
based on 3D Large CAD Layout

3D Large CAD Layout is a collection of all the information related to the project in one visual, 3D structure, clear and understandable for all the people involved in the job.
Any piece of information is related to entire project and to each other. All aspects of the project development and implementation are managed and controlled from the top level down,
as well as randomly at the same time in all the areas simultaneously. Typically the 3D software is not used properly and mainly for dimensional purpose, just like long time ago on the drafting boards. In addition most of the information is typically not related to the entire structure of information and as a result more complex projects get messy and expensive to handle.
Plant Layout Drawings 

Example: Plant Layout consisting of 20,000 individual parts, machinery, equipment etc

Most common reasons
for expensive mistakes

- Miscommunication
- Measurements mistakes
- Lack of verification
- Guess work
- Work overload
- Stress
Eliminate all above issues
with proper Drawings and Layouts

Unwind Drawings

On-Site  &  On-Line

      Benefits of developing your projects On-Line
  • Lower costs and reduced time
  • Participate and input your comments anytime from any place
  • View your product/project development on-line anytime, anywhere
  • Receive instant notifications about updates, issues, work progress etc
  • Receive 3D graphic instructions, explanations of any questions, issues etc.
  • Maintain and access your entire job documentation, history, communication etc.
  • Eliminate hassle related to miscommunication and lack of information
  • Quality of the final job

Design Your projects
entirely On-Line.
Get your quotation with initial drawings at no cost.
You will see your project cons and pros before expenses.
Just provide any initial information related to your project as a first step.

Store Fixture Drawings

Stairs Platforms Railings Balustrades Walkways etc

Stairs Platforms Railings Drawings


Process Control

Mechanical Services:

Oil Skid Drawings

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Industrial Machinery

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