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About Us – Industrial and Construction Project Management, Project/Product Development and CADD Services.

We are an entrepreneurship type of a service since 1995, located in Greater Toronto Area, with many small and big projects completed. We are a group of professionals, who have known each other for many years. We have assembled a team, each time we are going to cooperate on the project.

Quality and efficiency is our main philosophy. Quality is the only proper way to go according to our 30+ years of experience, especially for a big projects and long time endeavors.

We have been able to reduce our projects costs significantly, because of our efficient system developed over many years, based on CAD software. Our entire process of development, management, engineering, CAD work and so on, is controlled by CAD software. We communicate entire project information with visual CAD illustrations combined with technical CAD drawings, which reduces overall time greatly.

We provide more and more remote services every year, which is a result of our ability to communicate even the most complex projects efficiently. We specialize in managing very large CAD assemblies consisting of many thousands of parts, plus all other information related, in one project structure.

Quite often we have received suggestions to hire more people and grow, however hiring more people would be more of a business geared approach and we are focusing on the job entirely, that’s why we decided to reduce bureaucracy and expenses to a minimum and stay within controllable size, to maintain our efficiency and quality of work.

We combine all the best practices from the past, present and the future. We have implemented successfully, many innovative CAD and management techniques, which makes our work highly competitive, without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

We have been involved in very many areas of industrial and construction environments and our know-how has evolved over many years. Those are very broad and fascinating areas.

Bailing Press

Bearings Elevator
Car Seat Testing Fixture
Case Packer
Cement mixing fixture
Cobalt Processing Plant
Engine Loading Station
Expansion Joint
Floor Pick-up Unwind
Foam Folding Machine
Foil Unwind & Foil Winder
Folding Board
Glue Applicator
Heat Recovery System
Hydraulic Press
Industrial Printer
Jewellery Display
Lift Assist Mechanism
Linear Compensator
Linear Transducer
Liquid Pouch Machine
Load Raiser
Medical Press
Mining Machinery

Nickel Processing Plant
Packaging Machinery
Pallet Stacker
Paper Saw
Pin Inserting Hand Tool
Pivoted Compensator
Plastic Bag Machine
Process Control
Punch Press
Rotary Paper Feeder
Sealing Station
Semirobotic Assembly Line
Store Fixtures
Supervisor Platforms
Taping Machine
Testing Fixtures
Tires Destacker
Tires Stacker
Web Processing Machines
Zip Lock Sealer
…… and many more

Machinery Design

Mechanical Design

Mining Projects

Industrial Design


Process Control

Rotary – Linear Mechanics

Pneumatics – Hydraulics

Sheet Metal

Metal Fabrication

Structural – Weldment




Plant/Factory Layouts

Design – Retrofit – Repair

CADD Services
3D CAD Modeling
3D and 2D Drawings
Assembly Drawings
Layout Drawings
Part Drawings
Exploded Drawings
Installation Drwgs
Rendered Views
Maintenance Drwgs
Drawings Views
Drawings Tables
Measuring systems
Drawings Numbering
Files structuring
CAD Data Translation