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We Implement Project Management System Based on Large CAD Layout

3D Large CAD Layout is a collection of all the information related to the project in one visual, 3D CAD structure, clear and understandable for all the people involved in the job. Any piece of information is related to entire project and to each other. All aspects of the project development and implementation are managed with relation to all other relevant parts and information of the project. Final information is provided with combined together 2D and 3D drawings, clear for anybody involved in the projects in order to avoid miscommunication. Properly managed complex projects is a key to efficiency and lower time and expenses.

Visual Communication

Visual, clear communication for your entire project using integrated 2D with 3D CAD drawings

Project Costs and Time Reduction

CAD based project management and communication

Team Management

Effective team communication based on visual, clear, integrated 2D with 3D CAD drawings


Our Portfolio

PROJECT MANAGEMENT based on 3D LARGE CAD LAYOUT will reduce greatly time and expenses of the entire project e.g., Production - Consturction - Fabrication - Engineering - Purchasing - Revisions - Documentation - Customer Support - Communication - Marketing etc.

Industrial Projects

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Construction Projects

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Recent Project

Team Management

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Usefull Feature

Features we Provide

Get simple and quick access to any information related to your project. In addition communication between the people will be hassle free and no time will be wasted on miscommunication because of clear combination of 2D and 3D drawings visually clear for anybody involved in the project.

Combined CAD drawings
Combined 2D and 3D CAD drawings for clear and fast communication
Correlative Information
Any part in the project is related to all other relevant parts and information
Reduced project time and costs
Efficient project information management and communication
Thorough Industry Know-How
Experience in all aspects of industrial and construction practices
Risk Management
Issues reduced to a minimum as a result of self verifying large CAD layout
Global Business
Service provided online primarily and on-site whenever required.